Lead the Way in Emerging Technologies and Forums

- Communities and Networks for all

- Trend analysis and interdisciplinary connections

- Forums for emerging technologies including standards and policy considerations

- Visible leadership and early adoption by IEEE

"Every member should find resources for both technical and career growth through IEEE" JAJefferies

Grow Value of Membership

We are a professional membership organization including those First Learning, Studying, Practicing, Teaching, Inventing, or Advocating for Technology

- Tailored value propositions and membership models creates relevance
Industry, consultants, entrepreneurs

- Emphasize multidisciplinary and new opportunities in fields of interest

- Improve communication to Young Professionals and students

"My goal - IEEE has a quality support program for each member delivered ahead of the curve" JAJefferies

Plan to Leverage Global Reach

- Project our rich Public Policy voice worldwide

- Highlight Humanitarian impact

- Quantify, Measure, and Publicize influence

- Partner with other professional and industry groups clearly sharing our common interest

- Use all of our talents and organization units together

"Respect for our brand and knowledge of our members should be a powerful force in Technology and Public Policy" JAJefferies