Public Policy as the Foundation

Directed Position Papers, Comprehensive White Papers, Grassroots response network, Amicus Briefs, Congressional Causues, Regulatory Reviews, Fly-in events

"Every member's career is directly affected by Public Policy decisions" JAJefferies

Value of Membership is Life Cycle Career Support

For all those First Learning, Practicing, Teaching, Inventing, or Advocating for Technology

"My goal - IEEE-USA has a quality support program for every stage of your career" JAJefferies

Plan for Greater Visibility and Impact

1) Improve Quality and Presentation of our Knowledge on priority issues
2) Broaden dissemination of that Knowledge
3) Heighten Publicity
4) Engage many more members
5) Follow-up on Measuring Impact

"Respect for our brand and knowledge of our members should be a powerful force in Public Policy" JAJefferies