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Jim Jefferies worked at AT&T and Lucent Technologies for 33 years in engineering and executive positions including fiber optic cable development and manufacturing, Quality Assurance, and Supply Chain Management.  He managed the engineering teams that delivered the first commercial fiber optic cables for the Bell System. Additional experiences included major technology transfers, innovative manufacturing development, and competitive strengthening of distribution operations and export of US built products.   He also worked in the entrepreneurial sector teaming with fellow Stanford business school graduates as COO for USBuild.com in San Francisco. He has lived and worked in every region of the US with positions ranging from large companies to start-up businesses.

He received his BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Nebraska and an MS in Engineering Science from Clarkson University.  He attended the Stanford University Graduate School of Business as a Sloan Fellow and completed an MS in Management.

He is a register Professional Engineer P.E. (emeritus) and member of Eta Kappa Nu.


IEEE Accomplishments and Activities



OFFICES/COMMITTEES: IEEE Board of Directors 2012-13 and 15;, Region 5 Director 2012-13;, IEEE Audit Committee 2012-13;, Chair-2013, IEEE Employee Benefits and Compensation Committee 2015-16, IEEE-USA Board of Directors 2009-16;, IEEE-USA Vice President – Professional Activities 2009; . IEEE-USA Vice President – Government Relations 2010-11;, IEEE-USA Government Activities Committee 2006-11;, IEEE-USA R&D Policy Committee 2005-08;, IEEE-USA Entrepreneuship and Innovation Policy Committee 2008-16;. Chair 2016, IEEE Member services Committee 2011.


REGION: Region 5 Director Elect 2010-11, Government Activities/Technology Policy Director, 2006-09.


SECTION: Denver Section: Chair, 2008; Vice Chair, 2007; Professional Activities Committee, Chair, 2005-06.


AWARD: IEEE-USA Regional Leadership Award, 2007.

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