Position Statement

IEEE is a strong organization with a powerful brand and enviable mission – Advancing Technology for Humanity. The world’s leading technical professional organization can grow that lead with a leadership focused on crisp priority and execution in building technical communities, leading emerging technology forums, expanding our global policy voice, and renewing our focus on membership. These are my goals for IEEE – Assured by your vote!

A Roadmap forward exists in a strategic plan calling for communities and Networks for all, leading edge technical forums, humanitarian focus, and leveraging our insight in Global Public Policy.  But success following that roadmap will require discipline.  That includes priority, fiscal tracking, commitment to innovation, and execution accountability – all hallmarks of great organizations.  And it will also require a staff/volunteer cooperation.

As your president, I will focus on both what we do and how we do it including respect for all points of view and care to represent you.  I also think we need to revisit and refocus on the membership that creates so much of the value we have.  We are professional membership society meaning more that a collection of businesses.  Our tailored value propositions, newer membership models, partnering, and openness to broader communities will define the future.


  • Increase visibility of IEEE to governments, non-government organizations, the general public, and members as the voice of and the voice for technical professionals globally.
  • Assure excellence in and accessibility to programs that IEEE offers to members and clear links to the excellent programs of others.
  • Assure our conferences, forums, and publications are the first choice for quality technical and career programs for the entire member career life cycle fully including those thinking about technology as a career choice, studying, teaching, practicing, inventing, or advocating for technology.
  • Review programs to assure we know who wants them, when they want them, and how they want to receive or access them all based on direct member feedback.
  • Expand partnering with the many professional, other not-for-profit organizations, and industry groups that share our interests.
  • Focus on understanding technical and society trends, informing members, and providing tools to cope.  IEEE should be constantly evolving toward a higher average relevance for members.
  • Develop new avenues of communication with younger members and potential members in our fields of interest.


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